Consultations are by appointment. Make an appointment by visiting ourĀ Consulting Room or alternatively, please call Sixpenny Handley 01725 552500 or Broad Chalke 01722 780282

Please make an appointment for each person who needs to be seen.

If you are expecting test results or if you may need more than 10 minutes for your appointment, please let us know when booking.

We try to see patients on the day requested. You should be able to see the doctor or nurse of your choice if they are available. Please note, one of the other doctors or nurses may be able to see you sooner. If you must be seen the same day please make this clear.

Medical emergencies are prioritised at the time they occur. Please be understanding id this happens and there are delays. We will try to keep you informed.

It is not possible to provide surgeries in both Sixpenny Handley and Broad Chalke each day. Apart from weekends and public holidays, a doctor is available at one site or the other from 08:00 – 18:30 every day.

We allow 10 minutes per consultation – during this time all the work related to the consultation is carried out. If we think further advice and care not available within our team is necessary, we will arrange it. If you would like a second opinion please tell us so that we can discuss the best approach.

Morning Triage Clinic

Any requests for medical advice, a visit or appointment on the day should be made between 08:00 and 10:30 where possible. This will help us to make sure your request can be dealt with swiftly. If no regular slot is available to suit your needs we can offer you a short telephone appointment to discuss the problem with the doctor. The doctor will then be able to guide you to the most appropriate and timely solution for your problem.

Our service intends to react to your needs. The nature of your problem determines whether the consultation takes more than 10 minutes. If this happens with another patient, please understand and do not blame the receptionist – but do ask why there is a delay. We will try to see you within 30 minutes of your appointment time. You will be offered an explanation if we cannot do this.


If you cannot attend an appointment for any reason please inform us as soon as possible in order for us to give the slot to someone else. There are several ways to cancel your appointment.