Prescription Dispensing

Think of this!!!!

What if you could collect your medication 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with no queuing!

Imagine not having to queue for your medication and collecting it whenever suits you best.

We’re proposing a plan which helps make accessing local health care as easy and convenient as possible. Here’s how:

  • We are installing an automatic dispensing robot (known as Pharmaself24) within the external wall of the Sixpenny Handley Surgery so that you do not have to enter the buildings to collect your medication.
  • The technology works in a similar way to cash dispensing machines and is a safe and secure way to collect your medication any time of day (or night).

The Pharmaself24 automated collection point costs £35,000 and can dispense medication to all our patients on request.

This is a major investment made by the practice and it will help the provision of day to day healthcare.  This machine will bring considerable benefits to the community as a whole.

We hope the following information answers your questions but if there’s something we’ve forgotten, please contact us at the practice, asking to speak to one of the senior administrators.

This sounds interesting but how does it work?

Once your medication has been dispensed it will be placed inside the automatic dispenser. At the same time, you will be sent a text message with a unique 6-digit pin number for your items. Simply tap this into the machine and your medication will be delivered to you straight away.

What about acute prescriptions?

It’s not only repeat prescriptions that can be collected this way, acute items can be too.

What are the other benefits?

Time and convenience and the many ways this will impact on your life. There’s also the advantage of added privacy as you will no longer need to check your medication at reception.  You will be able to maintain self-distancing and reduce the risk of spreading or catching germs.

I pay for my medication and my partner is exempt, what happens here?

You can pay for your medication by card whilst using the machine. If you are exempt or have a prepayment card, the technology will recognise this too. It’s your responsibility to keep your prepayment and any exemptions up to date. Failure to do so could result in a fine.

Will I be able to collect controlled drugs in this way?

Unfortunately this is not allowed because controlled drugs can only be made available upon completion of the necessary paperwork.

Will I be able to collect fridge items in this way?

Certain fridge items may be stored in the Pharmaself machine with prior arrangement and commitment to prompt collection. Fridge items need to be stored in temperature-controlled conditions.

What about larger items such as stoma and incontinence products?

They won’t fit into the machine.

What happens if I’m collecting medication on behalf of someone else?

Providing the individual concerned has authorised you to do so, all they need to do is give you the pin number to access their medication. A new pin number is issued for each order, so you don’t have to worry about remembering it or it getting lost.

My family member looks forward to popping into the practice to collect their medication and is not good with pin numbers

Don’t worry. Our ability to deliver quality patient service matters to us a great deal which is why if some patients wish to continue collecting their medication in the traditional way, they are very welcome to do so, the choice is theirs.

How long will the automatic dispenser store my medication for?

3 to 6 days depending on demand.

How reliable and secure are these machines?

Very reliable. Every time an order is completed each package will be allocated a bar code that corresponds to the 6 digit pin you will be sent. This technology ensures you cannot be given the wrong medication by mistake.  The technology deployed is similar to that used by cash dispensers to ensure machines are secure and tamper proof at all times.

I like to collect my medication from Coombe Bissett shop, can I still do this?

Yes you can, although you might like to consider the additional flexibility that using the automatic dispenser will bring.

Wouldn’t it be cheaper to use a service like Pharmacy2u?

There will always be choice and it’s up to you to decide what works best for you. It’s all about options and what we want to do is expand the range of options offered by the Practice to make things easier.

What is the anticipated service life of a machine and will the Practice be contributing to any of this cost?

We estimate this technology will remain current for around 6/7 years, after which time it may need to be updated or replaced.

The Practice have already paid for the planning application, building works and maintenance fees and the cost of the machine.

Is this a new idea?

Whilst in certain respects we’re stepping into the future, we’re also helping to maintain those things that matter to us a community, ie keeping things local for local people to use. However, by using this machine you could, if you wish, collect your medication on Christmas Day – now there’s a thought!

Convinced? We hope so.

Please sign up and use this latest technology and see how much easier it can make medicine collection!